Creativity and the teachings and philosophies of universal elders encouraged Mairead Ashcroft to realize her seventeen-year longing in the arrest, conviction, and incarceration (2015) of the man who sexually abused her as a young child, an ordained member Catholic Church. As a result of discovering that the old ways still have wisdom relevant to our wellbeing today, Mairead developed and illustrated the Art of Life and Curiosity to share her insight with others. This work of love and compassion is dedicated to Mairead’s four adult children who endured the seventeen-year struggle by her side. Without focusing her own story of trauma, Mairead uses compassion to support others who have experienced similar challenging life events resulting in Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mairead has dedicated many years of study on the effects of trauma on the brain and body, enhancing her counselling, art therapy and life coaching practice and her approach to recovery. Mairead participated in changing Australian laws by speaking in Parliament during the Victorian Inquiry 2011, and Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses into childhood sexual abuse 2014. In 2012 Mairead was awarded and Inspirational Woman’s Award by the Hobson’s Bay City Council in the area of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence advocacy. Mairead and her adorable side kick, Moon Shadow the Therapy Dog are friendly faces in their hometown of Altona, Melbourne. You can find out more about Mairead on her web page at or her blog