Art of Life and Curiosity invites you to open any page of the book to discover new perspectives and provide space to break free from old patterns of thought and behaviour. This interactive mental health wellbeing book can enable opportunities to explore universal life topics to improve holistic wellness in unique ways. By combining theoretical modalities and ancient teachings from the Native American Medicine Wheel, Mindfulness practice, and other wisdoms, readers engage in a semi guided practice of contemplation, self-discovery, and compassionate self-care. Art of Life and Curiosity may be a lifelong mentor whose guidance transforms with your changing developments and needs. Mairead’s survival of religious childhood sexual abuse and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has influenced her training as a trauma informed Counsellor, Art Therapist and Wellness Coach, leading to the development of Art of Life and Curiosity. Readers are encouraged to create their own Wellness Wheel using the easy to follow written and visual directions. Mairead’s creative, symbolic art works and reflective questions, add personal allegories to enhance the reader’s involvement in the book by presenting gentle opportunities for contemplation and transformation.